Norse Cove Camping

About Us

We, Werner and Kimberly, have a vision.

Following years of travel to various areas of the world, we learned a lot about what we thought was working and what we would do differently.

This is us doing it differently.

Norse Cove has started as a beautiful piece of land on the ocean, in the trees and alongside of an abandoned blueberry field; all of the things that we would look for in a camping spot. A kayak launch, a deep water cove, a point that views the sunrise and the sunset….. so many wonderful things.

Norse Cove Campground - Sunset

At the Water’s Edge

There are plenty of places here to enjoy your privacy in the seclusion of the trees.

When you feel like re-emerging, you will find a host of amenities, recreational and social opportunities.

  • Common BBQ & Food Prep area
  • Kayak & SUP Rentals
  • Kayak launch and a boat mooring
  •  Wildflower Gardens and a Monarch Waystation
  • Wash House with hot showers, flush toilets and a scullery
  • Longhouse with a fridge, hot water for coffee, board games and lawn games
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