Norse Cove Camping

Other Activities

There is more than just kayaking and boating at Norse Cove Campground.

Come to the shoreline for group meals, camping rentals, kayak and SUP launch areas, campfires, sunrise coffee and sunset beverages, stories, information, games and travel advice.

Other Activities

Your personal campsite will provide you with privacy, parking, a fire pit and a picnic table.

Norse Cove Camping

& Cycling

Recommended routes are available for one, two or more days with suggested stops along the way.

Motorcycling & Cycling
Norse Cove Camping

Evening Campfire

Come to the shoreline or the common BBQ area and you are certain to make new friends. Share stories, have a campfire and watch the ocean sunset.

There is loose, burnable wood throughout the campground that you are welcome to use for your campfire. We have packaged firewood & kindling for sale for $9.50 per bundle.

Norse Cove Camping

Fresh Outdoor Cooking

Source local ingredients from lobster & scallops to market vegetables and use the grills and campfires to create a fresh wonderful meal.

Ask us about our pie iron recipes and ingredients.

Kayak  & SUP Rentals
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