Norse Cove Camping

Norse Cove Cafe & Supply

The Store is your stop for coffee, homemade snacks and light, homemade meals, convenience items, local artisanal offerings, campground bookings and check-ins. There is a small seating area (more in the summer) where you can relax, enjoy coffee, fresh food and company or play a board game if the weather is down.

A few items that’s in our store!


  • Cold Drinks
  • Chips
  • BBQ Supplies
  • Marshmallows
  • Homemade Desserts
  • Local Arts & Crafts
  • Homemade Bread
  • Coffee
  • Salads and Sandwiches
  • Norse Cove Soap
  • Norse Cove Skincare
  • Handmade by Norse Cove
  • Fresh Veggies
  • Pizza
  • Local Photography
  • Nic Nacs
  • Jewels of the Atlantic – Jewelry
  • Local Wood Crafts
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