Norse Cove Camping


We are following the Nova Scotia Provincial Restrictions and Guidelines.

April 28, 2021.

To keep you safe, we will continue to submit all guests to the following COVID-19 related questions:

1. Have you been in Nova Scotia for more than 14 days?

2. Have you had any COVID-19 symptoms or a recent test that you are awaiting the results of?

3. Have you been exposed to a person who is known or suspected to have COVID-19?

We are also keeping personal contact information in the case that contact tracing is required.

For your safety, we ask that you maintain physical distance from other guests at all times.

Masks must be worn when in the washrooms and only one person is allowed in the scullery at a time. The light switches have been changed to automated ones to decrease those potential points of contact. There is a spray bottle of disinfectant available for your use and the facilities are frequently cleaned by staff.

We are located within rural HRM. Please follow the travel restrictions and recommendations of our Public Health Authority, Chief Medical Officer and Premier.

If you have any questions, please contact us.


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