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It’s Happening!

It’s a very busy, exciting and scary time for us. The real work has begun. We are now a step beyond that dreaming and drawing phase that still had a small escape hatch to the left and we are committed (or committable).

Werner and I are finishing up our work in Europe, trying to close down the house somehow, and making some concerted efforts to have things in Nova Scotia ready for when we get there. If only we could be in two places at once.

Fortunately, we have a contractor who shares our vision, great new neighbours who are taking some pictures for us (makes me feel a little less blinded), so many helpful people on the receiving end who are just a Skype call away and the limitless support and enthusiasm of our family and friends. Special thanks to my Dad.

I see a lot of progress and piles (literally) of work for us to do when we get there. Anyone need some wood?

Here is where we are at…

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