Norse Cove Camping



Book your kayak or SUP rentals to explore on your own, as an experienced sea kayaker, or join us for a guided tour to the Wild Islands.

At Norse Cove, you can rent Sea Kayaks designed for the ocean and to explore the Wild Islands of the Eastern Shore. Hourly, 1/2 Day or Full Day rentals in single or tandem kayaks are available.​ All essential and safety equipment is included with your rental.

Kayak  & SUP Rentals

Full-Day Rental (< 8 hours): $85 single, $135 double Kayak

Half-Day Rental (< 4 hours): $55 single, $90 Double Kayak

Hourly, Minimum 2 Hours: $25 single, $35 double

Guided Tour: $90 half-day, $130 full-day, per person

Personal Guide: $25 per hour

Catered & Fully Equipped Island Experiences Available.

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