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Kids in the Wild

What will they do? Will they keep busy? Will they be safe?

We learn so much from the questions that our guests ask when considering a stay at Norse Cove Camping. A few of our recent enquiries have revolved around families and children camping within the natural environment of a wilderness campground.

Our playground is the forest and our swimming pool is the ocean. Return to Wildhood.

We have enjoyed watching the children who have stayed with us to see the adventures that they create for themselves when introduced to the wilderness and encouraged to explore.

What can a child do without a playground and a Playstation?

There’s the ocean:

  • Swim/wade/splash in the ocean
  • Search for shells
  • Search for starfish & periwinkles
  • Jump the waves
  • Watch for porpoises and seals
  • Fish for mackerel

There’s the shore:

  • Search for gold amongst the rocks
  • Collect rocks & shells
  • Climb the rocks
  • Bioluminescence

There’s the forest:

  • Hide & seek in the forest
  • Look for signs of fairy villages
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Bird ID by sound and sight
  • Pick berries
  • Feed the squirrels
  • Watch for deer, porcupines, and mink.

There’s the boat tours:

  • Take a boat ride to a deserted island
  • Build a sandcastle on an island beach

There’s the evening:

  • S’mores
  • Weiner roast
  • Fireflies
  • Spot the constellation
  • Campfire songs & sea shanties
  • Fireflies
  • Spot the constellation

There’s the family time:

  • Pie irons, new recipes
  • Fresh, ocean air
  • Get dirty
  • Stick weaving
  • Dandelion crowns
  • Board games

Reviews from our VIP’s:

  • “I want to stay here forever.”
  • “I found a starfish!”
  • “Look what I made.”
  • “I saw a shark!” [not a shark; a porpoise, no worries]

Enough said?

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