COVID-19! Happy to be fully open for camping and kayaking. Thanks for your patience.

Masks to be worn in the washrooms. Keep 2 metres between people who are not your people.

Ready for Summer 2018

Last year was our first full summer open. It was beautiful but not overly busy as we missed a couple of marketing windows that would have ensured that we were discovered by more people. Not ideal but it was a good opportunity to tweak our ideas a little.

Many have asked if we had a good year. My answer to that is yes and no. The yes is the most important.

Just to get the “no” out of the way; busier would have meant more income and less financial struggling through the slower season. However, it was a good opportunity to better plan for next winter.

Now, the resounding YES!

Yes, we had a great year. We are living our dream on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. We have enhanced a beautiful location on the ocean to welcome like-minded individuals who want to enjoy the ocean, nature and the salt air.

We also recognize the need for a hot shower and connection at the end of your day so we have built a modern wash house facility with a charging station and wifi. We also know that not everyone wants to cook over an open fire: we have a BBQ available in an open-air kitchen.

Wilderness camping on the ocean with modern amenities.

By the way, whilst typing this I have seen a loon, an otter, a bald eagle, ravens and seagulls. Today my dog found the first porcupine of the season. The low drone of the lobster boats and waves could easily put one to sleep. Today we have kayakers coming to camp and explore the Wild Islands and tonight we will have a beer and a bonfire.

Yes, we are anticipating another good year. Come join us.

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