COVID-19! Happy to be fully open for camping and kayaking. Thanks for your patience.

Masks to be worn in the washrooms. Keep 2 metres between people who are not your people.

We have a store!

In August, we decided that, rather than build a new store and a personal home on the existing campground property, we would breathe new life into a local landmark.

We have been openly received in our community and are so grateful for the ongoing support we receive from all of our neighbours.

Norse Cove Cafe and Supply has had many names over the past 70 years and has served the community in many different capacities. We have been so fortunate to be able to re-open this gem after nine years right across the road from Norse Cove Camping.

The Store, fondly known now as The Blue Store, is currently carrying convenience items, good coffee and some local crafts and artisanal work. There is a small seating area where one can enjoy a coffee, some company and maybe a board game. The kitchen construction is underway and we hope to be serving breakfast, lunch and some homemade goods by the end of January 2017.

We also decided to further support our community and, hopefully, increase local business by allowing Canada Post to put these Community Mailboxes on our property.

We are wholly undecided as to whether or not that was a good idea at this point. Time will tell. As  much as we (selfishly) love the convenience of being able to walk across our parking lot to get the mail, the wear and tear on our property seems to be outweighing the benefits at this time. We will give it a little while longer as it is a nice, safe place for people to be able to pull off the highway and get out of their vehicles.

Our process:

Try something.
Wait and see what happens.
Weigh the pros and cons.
Change if required.
Start over.

Hope to see you soon.

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