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We Heard the Peepers Last Night

Camping season has officially started.

You are so excited to go camping in April but when you get there you discover you forgot a tarp and the forecast is calling for rain.

Remember your prepping days when you had that Rubbermaid bin in the basement with everything you needed to survive the Zombie Apocalypse? I am willing to bet that there’s a tarp in there.

Spring camping offers the most amazing new experiences; the peepers, the deer, the morning ocean fog, the cacophony of newly returning songbirds but, if you want to enjoy it, take a few extra seconds to read through this checklist and be prepared.

  • Tarps
  • Ropes
  • Tent (if you are not staying in a Nordic Hut)
  • Ground Sheet (unless you are camping on a Norse Cove Tent Platform)
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Pillows
  • Foamy or Sleeping Pad
  • Lantern and/or Headlamps
  • Dry Matches
  • First Aid Kit (fun fact: owners are retired paramedics)
  • Hatchet and a Knife
  • Food
  • Cookstove (or use the Norse Cove BBQ)
  • Clothing Layers
  • Water resistant hiking boots
  • Towels (for after your Norse Cove hot shower)
  • Water bottles, plates and cutlery (mess kit)
  • Camera (for the amazing views)
  • Extras: can opener, corkscrew

Beat the bugs and the crowds! Camp early and often.

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